This is Sundance. He is our very own chocolate lab puppy. 
He loves his toy chicken, tennis balls, sloppy kisses, sitting on command, and falling asleep to classical music in his crate.
 He also loves trying to jump on the couch, drinking water and dripping it all over the tile floor, taking naps on my flip flops, and eating rocks and leaves in our backyard. 
He is such a good pup. So smart. So lovey dovey. 
We can't get enough of him to say the least. 
Having a puppy is hard work, but how can you resist those green eyes??


price's homecoming.

Last week my little brother got back from his two year mission serving for our church (more about missions here)! Two years went by soooo super fast. I missed him so much and was so excited to see my younger brother buddy! My whole family was together last week and I loved every minute!

The week was pretty packed with activities. We went to the airport to pick him up and we had some awesome signs to welcome him! He wasn't too happy about all the attention…haha…he hasn't changed a bit.

When we got home we had lunch and immediately decided to get in the pool! Todd and I surpised the little ones with these awesome floaties we found on amazon! The biggest pretzel and donut ever! Haha so fun!

That night we had FHE (family home evening) to hear all about Price's mission and his favorite stories and experiences. It was so special to be all together as a family and chat all night.

Price didn't have any clothes to wear so we went on a little shopping trip to get him new clothes for college! I love shopping and hangin' with him. We always have so much fun together. (can you tell i am just so excited to have him back?!)

One morning some of us decided to go on a hike near the Ogden valley canyon. It was so beautiful! Utah really is so gorgeous. I miss those mountains!

The Ogden Temple open house was going on while we were there and we were able to get tickets to walk through it. What a gorgeous temple!! Wow was it pretty. 

It was seriously such a good week. I love being with my family. We did so many other fun things- bike rides, Provo visits, went to a petting zoo, ate some GREAT food, watched tons of movies, paddleboarded on the lake, and much more!

I love my family. 


kitchen cabinets makover.

Before we moved into our house, we decided we wanted to paint our kitchen cabinets white. We had a couple weeks before we were moving in so we took on the challenge to DIY it! And by we I mean Todd. I helped where I could but he did most all of it. It was a hard project and definitely took a lot of work, but it was SOOOO worth it. The white completely transformed our whole kitchen! It brightened up the room and also makes it seem a lot bigger! I just love it. 

I feel like if you have the time, the tools, and just a couple hundred dollars, anyone can do this project. Todd read loooooots of tutorials and we got most of our tips from the This Old House website. 

Shout out to the BEST husband in the world, Todd J Utterback!!!! Love you sweets. 




I am just so happy with it! Yay!


kimbo's visit.

One of my all time besties came to stay with us last month. Kim has been my friend since middle school and we've been through quite a lot together! We even traveled to China together for a semester and we were roommates through that craziness! She is seriously one of the most wonderful, hilarious, kind, and beautiful people I know and I am so grateful that she is my friend. 

With that said, we had such a great time with her here! She had never been to AZ before so we made sure to show her all the good spots. We took a drive through the desert to show her just how awesome and beautiful all those cacti are! 

We obviously took her to some yummy places to eat. And I faced a baking fear of mine finally- angel food cake! It was pretty intimidating but I did it and it turned out super delish! 

While Todd was at work, Kim and I went swimming at The Phoenician resort pool up in Scottsdale. It was so heavenly. We ate chips and salsa, sipped virgin piƱa coladas, and layed in the sun. So perfect. 

Love you Kimbo!! (the dogs love you too)



So we bought a house. We are officially homeowners and it's kind of insane. We are so so so happy about it and love our little house and the location/neighborhood. But owning a house is HARD. The list of things to do (besides moving our whole life in there) is endless. Once we fix one thing, another thing breaks. Once we buy something, we have to buy something else. But you know what? That's life. We knew what we signed ourselves up for and we are excited for the adventure. We just have to tell ourselves that there will be 10000000 more things that break or that we have to buy. But that's ok, because the house is OURS! Owning a home is such a blessing and I couldn't be more grateful for this experience and opportunity.

{thank goodness for self timer apps…haha}

We've been slowly moving in over the last couple of weeks! On Monday, We (really just Todd) started the project of painting our cabinets! It's scary and exciting but I totally trust my handy husband! Did I mention he's the best ever? We are painting them white to lighten up our kitchen a bit. Can't wait for the finished product!

We went to Ikea last weekend and bought three simple pieces of furniture. Not so simple. They came in like a gazillion packages and we barely fit them all in both of our cars!! But we made it out of there alive and still married, which is a wonderful thing. Does anyone else get serious anxiety in that place?! Geez louiz.

Exciting times!!


breckenridge, co

Todd is so lucky to have such a great group of guy friends from his first years of college. And I feel lucky enough to have married into such a fun group of friends! We had our first (of many hopefully!) friends reunion in Breckenridge, CO! We stayed in Traci's grandparent's beautiful cabin that was right on the golf course! 

Breckenridge is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been! I loved the mountains, the cute downtown, all the yummy restaurants, and those gorgeous clouds! 

Catching up with these wonderful friends was the best. We stayed up way too late each night talking and laughing and playing games. This group is quite the competitive type…especially when it comes to girls vs. boys Catch Phrase. 

We ate SO much great food. Breckenridge has the best places to eat. We may or may not have had the same pizza place (Downstairs at Eric's) twice that week…YUM. And we went to the same cookie place (Mary's Mountain Cookies) a few too many times. 



The boys had the genius idea to buy matching shirts and wear them around all day. It was amazing.

Have I mentioned how much I love these girls? Wish we lived closer. The wives:)

What a fun successful trip!! Can't wait to do it again soon!!
Just a few more pics…