mom and dad.

My parents are seriously, THE BEST. I love when they come to town! It's just so fun to hang out, eat, play games, go on walks, shop, etc. They drove down from Utah to see my performance in the Easter pageant! It was so nice of them to come and so fun to have them here! 

^we went to the gilbert temple one morning! so wonderful^

^it was a perfect day for a hike around lost dutchman state park! love those blossoming cacti!^

^so happy to have them come to the easter pageant!^

what a great long weekend!!



I mentioned in a previous post that I am performing in the Mesa LDS Temple Easter Pageant this year! I just wanted to invite anyone in the area to come and see it. It's free and open to anyone! Performances are everyday for the next two weeks! The pageant is the story of our Savior, Jesus Christ- his life, death, and beautiful resurrection. It is the perfect way to get ready for this Easter holiday. I am playing the part as an angel, so I'll be dancing up top in all white :)

Come see it!!! You won't regret it. 


that moment.

You know that moment when you realize you are slowly turning into your parents? The other day I realized that I listen to NPR podcasts more than I listen to music. And I REALLY enjoy it. I live for those podcasts. I get so excited when a new one comes out. I rarely listen to music in the car anymore. What's up with that? I remember growing up and thinking my parents were kind of insane for wanting to listen to boring radio talk shows instead of music. 

Well, now that's me. Speaking of podcasts, if you've never listened to either Radio Lab or This American Life on NPR, do it now. They are seriously good. I am kind of in love with Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich. Sorry if you think I'm a nerd. 

In other news, here is a picture of me with some Gilbert cows who stink up our neighborhood on a weekly basis. 


the haps.

Does life ever slow down? Probably not. The good news is, it's my favorite month of the year! It also just happens to be my birthday month too:) 

We bought Todd a bike at Target a few weeks ago and it's been so fun riding around together! I also picked up a bike basket so I could carry my diet coke home from QT (obviously). The weather has been perfect for bike riding!

Spring training was last month and Todd and I caught a Cub's game out in Mesa! We ate Vienna Beef hot dogs and cried a little inside because we miss Chicago (mostly just the food, our besties, and that lake shore!)

Old Town Scottsdale is one of my favorite places here in AZ. It's just the most charming little place ever. I love going on date nights there and walking around!

I tried out for the Mesa Temple Easter Pageant last November and made it as an angel! It's been suuuuper busy but so much fun! I've loved getting to know the other girls that are angels and performing on a stage again (haven't done that since high school!). It's the biggest Easter pageant in the WORLD. Come see it in the next couple of weeks if you're in the area! It's such an amazing production! 

that's all folks. 


gilbert temple.

Gilbert, AZ is lucky enough to have it's own LDS Temple! It's been a really exciting couple of months around here with the temple open house, cultural celebration, and temple dedication! For a few weeks the temple was open to the public for tours! Over 400,000 people toured the temple in those short weeks! 400,000! I love it. I was able to tour it twice myself! It is the most beautiful temple I have been in. So many beautiful rooms. I loved all the decor, stained glass, and wood work. I feel so blessed to live so close to this temple!



Let's talk about the Arizona landscape for a minute. I have completely fallen in love with it. There is just something so beautiful about those tall cactuses and the small cactuses and the orange and pink sunsets. And the sun! The sun is always shining. I just love it all. I think it's important to find the beauty around you. Even if you live in the hot desert ;)


um, hi.

So Todd and I took a little road trip over President's Day weekend to Sedona, AZ and then onto Cedar City, UT to visit his parents! NPR podcasts, diet coke, naps for me, beautiful scenery through the mountains. Loved it all. Road trips are our jam.

While we were in Cedar, Todd's dad (prob my one reader…haha) asked me why I haven't been updating my blog. Honestly, I've just been busy. Also, since we moved to AZ, I've been working from home as a virtual assistant! It's kind of my dream job and I happen to work for some of the best bloggers out there. You know who you are ladies. Basically I do behind the scenes work for bloggers and the things they don't have time to do. All of their social media and other various things. I think because I'm literally on my computer looking at blogs, Pinterest, and Facebook all day, my personal blog is last on the list. But I miss it, and I think I need to make time for it so here I am! 

I will leave you with a couple pictures from Sedona! Such a beautiful little town.